the best shooting saga in history plummets its price by 75%

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  the best shooting saga in history plummets its price by 75%

The DOOM game collection is available on Nintendo Switch cheaper than ever.

Collection of 5 games: the best shooting saga in history plummets its price by 75% 08/18/2022 13:15

Currently, gamers have many platforms entertainment and video games. In the official stores it is possible to find some bargains, even in the Nintendo eShop. Today we highlight a collection of 5 DOOM games which is 75% off and available for only 13.74 euros Limited Time. This promotion will be active until August 22, so after that it will go back to its original price. Until then, you can buy this awesome compilation called DOOM Slayers Collection.

How do you read it? You can now play the best shooting game in history on Switch, a saga Created by John Romero that built the main pillars of the genre. DOOM Slayers Collection en a compilation which actually costs 54.99 euros in the online store, but you can get it cheaper now. has applied a 75% discount, which represents a considerable saving of 41.25 euros in total. You only need to have one of the best nintendo switch controllers to play comfortably as on the computer or desktop console.

Buy DOOM Slayers Collection for €13.74

DOOM Slayers Collection only costs 13.74 euros in the Nintendo eShop

DOOM Slayers Collection

DOOM Slayers Collection includes up to 5 games from the saga

DOOM Slayers Collection contains 5 main series games such as the original DOOM, DOOM II, DOOM 64, DOOM 3, and the reboot that was released in 2016. A must-have collection for all action lovers and clashes with DOOM’s demons. Now you can walk from the beginning first person shooter to know the whole story behind this fast-paced series.

The player control the marine, whose identity is unknown, and will be able to go through scenarios to eliminate demonic hordes. Thanks to this compilation it is possible to see the evolution of games and use very powerful weapons to end this unexpected invasion. In addition to a mythical game, DOOM is a benchmark in the shooter genre and occupies a privileged place in the history of video games.

Buy DOOM Slayers Collection for €13.74

It is certainly a good opportunity to catch up on the saga and know its origins. DOOM Slayers Collection has a amazing price on Nintendo Switch, since it only costs 13.74 euros. It has a 75% discount right now until August 22 and then this offer will disappear.

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