The Best Weapons In Demon's Souls For Magic Users

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If you run a magic build, Crescent upgrades are a must. Any weapon that travels down this path sacrifices strength and dexterity bonuses for scalable magic damage and, more importantly, a passive mana regeneration buff. But, if you would rather use a weapon with that buff out of the gate, seek out the Phosphorescent Pole.

The Phosphorescent Pole, as the name suggests, is a polearm. The weapon has decent range and offers strong magic damage, but its best feature is the built-in mana regeneration. The more you upgrade it, the faster the regeneration. The effect also stacks with other items that grant passive mana regeneration, so you could potentially be awash with more mana than you know what to do with, which is every mage's dream.

Unfortunately, you can't find the Phosphorescent Pole just lying around anywhere. You need to plummet World 3-1 into Pure Black World Tendency, seek out Black Phantom Lord Rydell, and slay him. Obviously, he wields the pole in battle, which deals a ton of magic damage, but he foolishly doesn't take advantage of its passive mana buff to heal or cast spells. Regardless, once you kill him, the Phosphorescent Pole is yours.

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