The Bizarre Story Behind Pokimane's Rise To Fame

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In December 2020, OfflineTV entered the world of Rust. The crew launched its very own server, one with very specific rules laid out by the team's talent manager, BaboAbe. The whole point of the server was to bring content creators together into a shared role-playing survival experience. What the team at OfflineTV may not have realized, however, is that Rust is a cult game featuring a diehard community of players — many of whom take the game very seriously.

As part of OfflineTV, Pokimane found herself playing Rust on stream, too. She enjoyed some success, alongside her collaborators, and caught the attention of developer Facepunch. The studio decided to release an exclusive in-game skin with Pokimane, which viewers could receive by watching her stream the game at a very specific time. Unfortunately for everyone who wanted one, Pokimane found Rust too trying. Explaining that she simply wasn't enjoying herself, Pokimane decided to quit playing the game early into the server's life.

Due to her quitting the survival game during the limited release event, her garage door skin skyrocketed in popularity and rarity.


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