The Cast Of Fortnite Is Gorgeous In Real Life

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 The Cast Of Fortnite Is Gorgeous In Real Life

Damien C. Haas has been working with Smosh, the online sketch comedy group, since 2017, so “Fortnite” players might recognize him from his work there. However, Haas played several roles in video games and TV. He provided additional voices for “Days Gone,” played Tad Chance in “Fallout 76,” and voiced Saul in “Fire Emblem: Heroes.”

In addition to voicing the shaggy-haired Dennis, an employee at Durrr Burger in “Fortnite,” Haas is a Twitch partner that frequently streams games. He streams games that provide a challenge, like “Dead Cells,” while chatting with fans about random things.

Like many voice actors, Haas also enjoys telling a good story. He recently appeared on “Damsels, Dice, and Everything Nice,” a Dungeons & Dragons livestream show that takes place in the world of Disney princesses. Haas guested as Flynn Rider, Rapunzel’s smoldering beau. He also guested on “The Pixel Circus,” another D&D stream, as the silly Squangarlo. No matter what Haas does, on screen or off, he puts his heart into the role.

Haas has traditional Hollywood good looks, with wavy dark hair and a chiseled jaw, so he’s sure to turn heads outside of the video game roles he typically takes. And while he might not look anything like his character Dennis in “Fortnite,” he has that same goofy charm down pat.