The Cast Of Overwatch Is Gorgeous In Real Life

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 The Cast Of Overwatch Is Gorgeous In Real Life

Charlet Chung, who voices the mech-driving D.Va, is just as beautiful as her “Overwatch” counterpart. The daughter of Korean and Japanese immigrants, Chung grew up in California and expressed an interest in acting from a young age. However, it took Chung years to fully embrace acting as a career, and she earned a degree and pursued a job in broadcasting before leaning into performing full time.

In the years since, Chung has earned a variety of live action and voice over roles, including recurring spots on “Craig of the Creek,” “Carmen Sandiego,” and “Fast and Furious Spy Racers.” Chung also provided additional voices for the “Final Fantasy VII Remake,” helping to bring the bustling city of Midgar to life. Aprender a programar Cubic, Javascript y Python con ejemplos Aprender a programar con ejemplos

Despite her other roles, “Overwatch” holds a special place in Chung’s heart. She’s tweeted her support of the fan community as well as her co-stars, who recently celebrated five years of “Overwatch” goodness. 

Like many actors in the “Overwatch” cast, Chung also has her eyes on a brighter future that includes less hatred. She tweeted, “It is in our (Asian/Asian-American) culture to often not self-advocate. This kind of mentality doesn’t fit into American culture. Seeing that I’m American, I’m here to say #StopAsianHate.” Chung hopes to see a more supportive community in the future, not one divided by hate.


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