the characters are aging and rejuvenating at full speed because of a mistake

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  the characters are aging and rejuvenating at full speed because of a mistake

In long-term video games it is never pleasant to say goodbye or lose a character that we have caught special affection for. The players of The Sims 4 know this very well with the families they give life to until death lurks with its scythe and it’s time to witness a scene that can be very dramatic for more than one.

However, it seems that the latest update that the game has received is affecting this process, shortening the life of the Sims more than normal and causing them to age rapidly. It’s all due to the long life option not working properly as it’s causing the complete opposite effect.

In principle, this option helps Sims to enjoy a longer life with their loved ones, but there are not a few users who have complained that death has called their homes ahead of time due to the speed with which they comply. years. In fact, setting the option to a short life has just the opposite effect, that sims rejuvenate.

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It seems that someone has seen The curious Case of Benjamin Button and he wanted to replicate it in the game itself, but the truth is that it is an error that has not gone unnoticed by the Maxis team. He is currently hurriedly working on a solution that can return everything to normal.

Until that happens the official sims account has posted a message strongly recommending that do not use this option while trying to find the source of the problem that is causing this crazy and peculiar situation.

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