The Creepiest Things We Found in 'Kingdom Hearts' Games

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Xemnas is the Nobody counterpart of the Kingdom Hearts series' ultimate villain, Xehanort. That's right; he's literally the Big Bad without a heart, so you do the math when it comes to how much bad news this guy really is. Xemnas wasn't formally introduced until Kingdom Hearts 2, where he served as the main antagonist; however, he made a sly appearance in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, where he is credited as "Unknown" and appears in what might be the spookiest cutscene of the game (and remember, this is a game that still features the freaking Phantom).

Clad in a black, hooded cloak, Xemnas appears to be phasing in and out of time and space. He flickers like a ghost as he materializes before a shocked Sora, whom he walks straight through. His dialogue is silent, projecting onto the screen in glitched-out lettering, like something out of Silent Hill. It's an entirely unexpected and unnerving sequence that sets up one of the game's best (and creepiest) secret boss battles.

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