The Creepiest Things We Found in 'Monster Hunter'

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No one likes leeches. They're nasty things, feeding off of the lifeforce of other animals. But at least they're tiny, right?

We have some bad news about Monster Hunter's dreaded Khezu. This ugly creepy-crawly is like a bus-sized leech with wings. It hangs around in caverns, using its suction cup tail to hang onto the ceiling. So if you hear drip, drip, dripping slime, you are probably in a very bad place. 

This creature rarely sees the sun, so it has ghastly pale flesh through which you can see its throbbing arteries. You might notice this as it whips out its stretchy neck to bite into you. You don't want to let this thing get its claws into you, hunter, because once it does, you'll face a fate worse than death. The Khezu reproduces by injecting its young, called Whelps, into a warm, living victim. This is so that the youngsters can have a bite to eat when they're ready to leave the nest.

The nest is you, by the way.

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