The Creepiest Things We Found In The Medium

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 The Creepiest Things We Found In The Medium

The Medium wastes no time getting into dark matter, as Marianne comes to terms with the passing of her adoptive father, Jack. Unfortunately, Marianne can’t mourn in the way one might like. She helped Jack run a funeral home, and as such, is tasked with preparing his body for the funeral. That includes locating his tie and neck clip to ensure both accompany him on his final journey.

After Marianne does her work, the lights in the funeral home go out. As she heads up a flight of stairs to investigate, a dark silhouette can be seen standing ominously at the top before disappearing. Some noise in Jack’s office lures Marianne into her late father’s workspace, and inside, there are the sounds of someone fumbling around, though no other being is present. It’s then that Marianne’s realities split, and she sees both the real world and the spirit world. And Jack.

Jack is the first spirit players encounter in the game, and his appearance sets the tone for the rest of the story. Using her abilities as a medium, Marianne sends Jack into the afterlife. But he is far from the last spirit she’ll see.

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