The development of Project Q, a new innovative and modern PvP multiplayer that Ubisoft has in hand, is filtered

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  The development of Project Q, a new innovative and modern PvP multiplayer that Ubisoft has in hand, is filtered

There is only one week left until the time when the Hyper Scape servers will close forever, but everything indicates that Ubisoft will use everything they have learned to develop more similar proposals. At least that’s what it stated exuter recently when revealing the development of Pathfinder.

The same portal has returned to the scene to confirm that this will not be the only video game of this type that the French company has in its hands. As he has been able to assure, he has up to eight reliable sources that have reported that Ubisoft Bordeaux is working on a game that responds to the code name of Project Q.

It would be a new innovative and modern action game fully focused on PvP multiplayer, which would have two different game modes. One would be Showdown, a kind of Battle Royale with confrontations between four teams of two players, while the second would be Battle Zone, where two groups of four people would fight to the death to conquer areas of the map until reaching 100 points. Todo sobre camas articuladas, que son, para que sirvem, como elegir la correcta... Camas articuladas

Tired of standard Battle Royales? Here you have others that are almost completely detached from the fashion formula

The characters would be very special, given that they would have their own weapons, skills and abilities, as well as the choice of three “wonders” to mix and match. But the weapons would be the most peculiar, because among them there would be hammers, sticks, fireworks, paint guns, decks of cards, etc.

Exputer claims to have images that cannot be shown, but they have served to verify that the artistic section would be similar to that of Knockout City or Overwatch. It will be necessary to be pending in case Ubisoft ends up confirming all this information sooner or later, but for the moment it must be taken with tweezers until it becomes official.

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