The Dumbest Things Video Games Force Us To Do

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is an incredibly immersive game that puts you in the boots of a genuine outlaw, riding through the plains of the old west and getting into mischief. You can try to keep your activities hidden or rush in with your guns blazing. What you cannot do is run through a camp or settlement, because the game forces you to grind to a slow, trudging walk whenever you enter one. It's a bizarre choice that kind of snaps you out of the experience, especially if you wanted to make your visit to camp a brief one.

Another version of this phenomenon can be seen in the Pokémon games. Here, various authority figures will frequently force the protagonist to walk around in certain areas, rather than using their bicycles or running shoes. Sure, it makes sense that our characters probably shouldn't be racing around an office building on a ten speed. Still, many of the other instances of this forced walking simply break up the flow of the game, while also having the added effect of making Oak or whomever is admonishing the player look like a real creep.

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