The Ending Of Metroid Dread Explained

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  The Ending Of Metroid Dread Explained

At the start of “Metroid Dread,” ADAM — the digital consciousness of Samus’ former commanding officer Adam Malkovich — tells Samus he won’t be able to reach her on ZDR. Yet, throughout the game the player keeps getting navigational information from Network Stations on the map. So, what’s going on here?

In a surprise twist that is never addressed again, it is revealed that Raven Beak was posing as ADAM all along. This may be obvious to “Other M” and “Fusion” players, since the controversial character is known for how he calls Samus “lady,” something the ADAM on ZDR never does. “Fusion” also pulls a similar evil AI twist in its story.

The player doesn’t get to see Samus talk to the real ADAM after the main events of “Dread.” This leaves him strangely underutilized, especially considering the amount of effort that went into developing his character in “Fusion” and “Other M.”

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