The Entire Dark Souls Story Explained

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  The Entire Dark Souls Story Explained

Along their journey, the Ashen One meets Slave Knight Gael. He’s an exhausted man who has lived since Gwyn’s time, and he carries a sliver of a magic painting. When touched, this painting brings our hero to the world of Ariandel. Gael pleads that the Ashen One bring fire to this world, because as it is now, it’s rotting.

Many forlorn creatures call Ariandel home, making it a sad final destination for those with nothing else to live for. This world, much like the outside world of Dark Souls, falls victim to cycles. These painted lands eventually succumb to rot, which can only be cleansed by fire. By that point, the designated painter will have painted a new world for these inhabitants to jump to. In this cycle, a young, nameless girl is the painter.

Within Ariandel, our hero meets Friede, another Unkindled who now calls this place home. Despite her inherent drive to find the Flame, she and her father refuse to bring fire to this world. This sparks a clash with the Ashen One, who fights her to the death. Their altercation sparks a flame, which starts to burn Ariandel.

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