The Entire Metroid Timeline Explained

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 The Entire Metroid Timeline Explained

Samus didn’t kill the baby Metroid, but her maternal instincts have a limit, and life-sucking blobs seem to be it. Instead of raising the Metroid as her own, Samus donates the infant to a Galactic Federation space station for research. That seems like a good idea until Ridley attacks the station and steals the Metroid, taking it back to Zebes.

By this point, you probably know what’s coming. In Super Metroid, Samus travels back to Zebes again to stop the Ridley and the Pirates, only to discover that they’ve rebuilt their entire base. Those Metroid cloning facilities? They’re back, along with some newly-built Metroid larvae and old, discarded Mochtroids, i.e., the Space Pirates’ first, flawed attempts at bioengineering Metroid offspring. Mother Brain resurfaces, too, and while it’s not clear how, there are two possibilities: the Space Pirates could’ve rebuilt her — remember, she’s a computer, not a real girl — or, as Metroid Prime 3 implies, the new Mother Brain might be an advanced Aurora Unit. Either way, she’s back, and she’s up to no good.

It takes Samus a while to find the baby Metroid. In the interim, the infant grows to a gigantic size, and doesn’t recognize Samus when they reunite. The baby attacks but realizes its mistake before Samus dies, and later sacrifices itself to help Samus defeat Mother Brain. D’aw. Unfortunately, killing Mother Brain dooms the entire planet, and Samus barely escapes before Zebes explodes, taking Ridley, the Metroids, the Space Pirates, and the last remnants of the Chozo with it.

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