The Entire 'Resident Evil' Timeline Finally Explained

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Six years after Raccoon City, Umbrella has been shut down and we revisit Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 4, released in 2005. The president tasks him with finding his daughter, Ashley, who has been kidnapped by a cult in rural Spain. After being infected by crazed villagers, Leon is told by Luis Sera, a researcher, that the cult has utilized an mind-controlling parasite called "Las Plagas" to take over the locals.

When Leon escapes and finds Ashley, he learns that the leader of the cult, Osmund Saddler, injected her with the parasite in order to gain control of the president and take over the world. They evade Saddler and find that their helicopter out had been shot down. They hide in a castle until another can be sent for them. In true Resident Evil form, the castle is filled with monsters and traps ... and Ada Wong, who is after another parasite sample for her mysterious employer. Luis brings drugs to suppress the parasite when Leon and Ashley start to feel its effects, but is killed by Saddler.

After defeating the master of the castle, Leon and Ada have to team up to go to a military research island where Saddler has taken Ashley and the sample Ada is after. Escaping Saddler with some help from Ada — who gets her sample in the end — Leon rescues the girl, kills the villain, and jet-skis away as the island inevitably explodes.

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