The Entire Ultra Instinct Shaggy Timeline Explained

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 The Entire Ultra Instinct Shaggy Timeline Explained

After weeks of rumors, Warner Bros. Interactive finally decided to unveil its newest project with developer Player First Games: “MultiVersus.” Just as the leaks stated, the company was working on a new Smash Bros. clone with a confirmed Shaggy appearance. In a video featuring game director Tony Huynh, audiences got their first good look at the project — as well as Ultra Instinct Shaggy.

While on the topic of returning voice actors, the game designer introduced Shaggy. The character will be voiced by Matthew Lillard, which already made fans happy. But what shocked many was Shaggy’s appearance and move set in the game. Rather than opt for his more classic cowardly ways from the cartoon, Shaggy appears to have his Ultra Instinct abilities in “MultiVersus.”

At one point in the trailer, Shaggy is surrounded by blue and yellow auras, shouting out phrases such as, “Like, dude, I’ve got all kinds of tough guy power.” Even his moves are otherworldly, including an energy-filled uppercut and chargeable punch that manages to damage Superman.

With this move, Warner Bros. Interactive and Player First Games fully welcomed the character’s unexpected following, implementing a lot of the humor and outlandish decisions that the fans came up with. What started out as an entertaining mix of anime and “Scooby-Doo” eventually became an official part of gaming history.