The Follow-Up To Rainbow Six Siege Could Be A Free Gift For Fans

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With Rainbox Six Parasite being leaked and the game updated on the PSN’s backend, we at PSU have been pondering just why all of this came out of nowhere and happened so suddenly.

We can’t think of any other major AAA game where this has happened before and details were directly fished out of the PSN via a game update for a title that hasn’t been released yet. This has led some of us to speculate that Ubisoft is about to drop Rainbow Six Parasite any day now. And, if the game is going to drop soon, then we could see a free-to-play launch, where the game is let loose into the market to gain an audience on its own and generate hype and excitement, like how Ubisoft released Hyper Scape initially. Aprender a programar Cubic, Javascript y Python con ejemplos Aprender a programar con ejemplos

And, with the PS Plus games set to be announced next Wednesday, February 24, we could easily see Sony announce this as a surprise PS Plus title for the month, likely being available for both PS4 and PS5 owners. This would undoubtedly be one of the biggest AAA titles to launch on the service, and in our opinion, Ubisoft would be smart to do this to give the game the best possible start out the gate, especially as no one outside of the hardcore gaming audience knows about this game. Casual game players would jump at the opportunity to get the new Rainbow Six game for free.

It is likely it could also be on Xbox’s Games With Gold for March, giving everyone an opportunity to play it. Rainbox Six Parasite was formerly called Quarantine and has seemingly had a number of development shifts and changes since its reveal in June 2019, which is the only time we have seen the game. Depending on how much content is available and what the state of the game is we could see Ubisoft pivot the game to a free-to-play or PS Plus business model for its launch.

Of course, this is all speculation on our part right now and we will have to wait and see till Ubisoft gives us some official details on Rainbow Six Parasite. The game may just release as a standard $60/£60 title.

Rainbow Six Parasite is set to release for PS5 and PS4 before October 2021.

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