The good neighbor with the spider michi

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  The good neighbor with the spider michi

Another Saturday, another new installment of Photo modethe weekly section where you send us your best captures through our Discord server based on a proposed theme and we select the ones that we liked the most to bring them here. Last week’s topic was the black and white. Let’s see what the matter has given of itself.

Opening this article, we have the capture that has sent us JAER-27 and that, as you can see, belongs to Spider-Man: Miles Morales. He accompanied her with the following message: “The good neighbor next to the spider michi.” Yes, we like kittens.

The next capture that we have selected was sent to us Umo Heima. This is what he told us about her:

“The London of Watch Dogs: Legion hides magnificent corners to take screenshots. I made this one a long time ago because I thought that if it were real I wouldn’t stop taking pictures.”

Watch Dogs Legion

Finally, we have wanted to bring here the capture of the Horizon: Forbidden West that has sent us AJLuque. Together with her he told us this: “White as snow and black as android blood”. ¿Has llegado nunca a pensar como se llama la punta de los cordones?¿Cuál es su función?¡Entra y amplia tus conocimientos! HERRETE | Descúbre su verdadero significado

Horizon Forbidden West

And for this week: cars

For this week we once again propose that you capture great cars: your most luxurious car, the most spectacular, plus whatever you want. We already did it once and the result was beautiful. If you don’t have any driving games, nothing happens, there are titles of other genres where you can have cool cars to photograph.

We remind you that they must be video game captures made by you inside the games, without spoilers and indicating the name of the game they belong to. If you can also accompany them with a comment of yours to give us some context about why you did it, how you did it or what you want to tell us about it, even better.

You can upload your best captures to our Discord server (Photo Mode channel) until next time friday april 8 if you want them to enter the candidates.

Thanks for participating!

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