The Highest-Grossing Video Game Movie May Surprise You

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Many video game movies, such as Rampage and Sonic the Hedgehog, have arrived years after their source material debuted in an attempt in an attempt to mine nostalgia from moviegoers. In the case of Mortal Kombat, though, a movie was commissioned to strike while the iron was hot. Debuting in 1995, Mortal Kombat arrived just three years after the video game series of the same name began. Though video game movies have cultivated a reputation for being automatic box office bombs, Mortal Kombat, one of the earliest entries in the genre, proved to be a smash hit.

On opening weekend, Mortal Kombat took in $23.2 million, a sum that, per Forbes, gave it the second-biggest August opening weekend of all time at the time. Mortal Kombat continued to rule the box office in its second and third weekends. Its strong weekend-to-weekend holds led to it grossing $70.1 million on just a $20 million budget. That made it the 22nd-biggest movie of 1995 domestically and also puts it above a large share of video game movies even in 2020. Making a Mortal Kombat movie while the passion for the games was its peak was a smart move, while releasing it during the quiet month of August allowed it to function as a go-to choice for moviegoers craving an action movie. Clearly, the original Mortal Kombat's box office run was a "flawless victory!"

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