The History Of Kang the Conqueror Explained

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Kang is simultaneously obsessed with securing a successor and worried that powerful children might one day group up and overthrow him. The Celestial Messiah, Apocalypse, and the various Marcuses are all the focus of this tension at various times, but his obsession with the Apocalypse Twins nearly tops them all.

Born to a mutant woman named Ichisumi, Kang kidnaps the twins in their infancy. He raises them harshly, telling the young mutants that they will never live in peace with humans. Kang makes a fatal mistake when he allows them to steal a powerful weapon, travel back to 21st century Earth, and kill the Celestial leader, Arishem. They then found a new world just for mutants, and not only leave Earth to be destroyed by Celestial retaliation, but also set up a tachyon dam to prevent anyone from altering history.

Kang eventually finds a way through by projecting the minds of his pawns, the Chronos Corps, into the 21st century. His plan works, and he is able to access that timeline and defeat the twins, as well as absorb energy from the Celestial executioner, Exitar. Immortus, ever the spoilsport, sends his own team of Avengers to stop him, with Havoc cutting Kang off from the energy. Kang's overall scheme to gain ultimate power fails, but he does manage to successfully protect his timeline.

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