The Last of Us Part I returns to show a comparison with the original

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  The Last of Us Part I returns to show a comparison with the original

Any scene seems more shocking and dramatic than in the original.

The Last of Us Part I returns to show a comparison with the original 08/12/2022 19:15

With just a few weeks to go before the release of The Last of Us Part I, a remake of the original Naughty Doog game for PS3, those responsible have once again shared a new clip that compare the original version from 2013 with the same scene in the remake. The difference is quite impressive, both in terms of detail and effects, as well as performance, animations, etc.

There has been some controversy in recent days as the first leaked gameplays of the game showed that no mechanics from The Last of Us Part II have been integrated, despite being a remake with the same technology. Shortly after, Naughty Dog shared an exhaustive review of all the improvements that the game received compared to the original, including a renewed visual section, as we see in this new clip.

The Last of Us Part I returns to show a comparison with the original

Joel and Ellie are the great protagonists of The Last of Us Part 1 Barra lateral

Ellie and Joel like you’ve never seen them before

In this specific case it is a scene in which Joel and Ellie are inside a car, driving at night through the rural outskirts of the city and they find a burning house on the side of the road. Barely 14 seconds of footage that are enough to leave us with our mouths open when we see the huge difference between both versions of the same game.

Apart from the improvements in the quality of the terrain and the vegetation, something that more or less could be expected, the big difference that we found in this case is lighting and particle effects, animation, physics etc.. While in the original version the burning house is just an ordinary model of a house with a simple effect of fire that is seen through the hollow of the windows and the door, the remake recreates in a much more realistic way what a fire is and the violence of the flames.

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The Last of Us Part I will be released on september 2 exclusively for PS5. Later it is also scheduled to launch on PC, although it has not yet confirmed a specific date or release window for supported version. We recently learned that the arrival of PlayStation games on PC could soon require a PSN account to play them.

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