The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Ending Explained

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Ganon, sometimes known as Ganondorf, fails as much as Link and Zelda succeed. He returns multiple times throughout The Legend of Zelda timeline, only to be defeated by the princess of light and her chosen knight. Sometimes, like in Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker, Ganon appears as a Gerudo. In Breath of the Wild, he's mutated into a more monstrous form.

"To know Calamity Ganon's true form, one must know the storm from an age long past," King Rhoam says. He explains that Ganon was born into this kingdom, but his "transformation into Malice" turned him into the dragon-like beast of overflowing dark energy that surrounds Hyrule Castle. Ganon has six forms, including the four blights that hacked the Divine Beasts.

If you don't rescue any of the Champions' spirits, then Link will need to fight all of Ganon's different forms in one go without their help. However, Zelda always guides him in the final battle against Dark Beast Ganon. Ganon's malicious energy protects him from regular attacks, but Zelda creates glowing targets for Link to exploit with the Bow of Light. After Ganon is defeated, Zelda seals him away.

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