The Most Cringeworthy Moments In Video Games

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The release of Final Fantasy 10 was a crowning achievement for developer and publisher Square. Not only did the entry in the legendary roleplaying game franchise mark the series' first major foray into voiced characters, it also marked the Final Fantasy series' jump to the PS2. The title was critically praised, and while its battle system, cutscenes, and the main cast's acting were arguably top-notch, one stand-out sequence became iconic — for all of the wrong reasons.

FF10's main protagonist, Tidus, is adept at many things. He's a blitzball whiz kid, he knows his way around a sword, and he can be a real charmer when he wants to be. One skill he hasn't exactly mastered, however, is laughing. At one point in the game, summoner — and Tidus' love interest — Yuna tries to cheer up a dispirited Tidus by forcing him to laugh. He... well, does his best.

Examining the scene in context reveals a heartbreaking truth: that Tidus has sunken into a deep sadness following the revelation that his father, Jecht, was responsible for destroying his home city of Zanarkand (it's a long story), and that his laughter is an obvious coping mechanism. But out of context, the scene is meme-level cringe.

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