The Most Overacted Moments In Gaming History

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  The Most Overacted Moments In Gaming History

“Castlevania: Symphony of the Night” is a masterclass in game design. Everything in the game, from its level design to its exploration-based gameplay, became a template for most subsequent “Castlevania” games, as well as metroidvania titles in general. “Symphony of the Night” holds up remarkably well — except for its voice acting, that is, which can only be enjoyed ironically.

Because “Castlevania: Symphony of the Night” released during the dawn of console game voice acting, its grasp on proper intonation is tenuous at best. The game is full of cheesy dialogue performed by actors who are trying a little too hard to make the game feel like a gothic horror story. Characters emphasize words that normally wouldn’t receive extra attention, which gives the experience an odd charm. It’s not quite b-movie camp, but it sets the tone rather well, especially early in the game. Road To Boruto Pelicula Completa Español Latino | Naruto Shippuden Ninja Storm 4 (Game Movie 2017)

See, during the first “level” of “Symphony of the Night,” the game tricks audiences into assuming a Belmont will once again serve as the main character, and the ensuing conversation is immortalized in video game infamy. The notorious “Die monster” exchange between Richter Belmont and Dracula is a glorious display of stilted dialogue, as the characters verbally spar with flowery philosophies unbecoming of a game series about slaying vampires with a whip.

This scene is still memed to this day, and for good reason. The overacting and strange dialogue blindsided audiences right out of the gate, and players can’t help but be entertained by the strangeness of it all.

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