The Most Overhyped Games Of 2019 That Left Us Disappointed

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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes was meant to be a side-story in the No More Heroes series, a way to tide fans over until the true third installment in the main series came out. Still, considering it was the first No More Heroes game in nearly decade, there was quite a bit of excitement built up for this one. Unfortunately, Travis Strikes Again just doesn't feel like the series that fans know and love, both in tone and gameplay style. 

In addition to the confusing and muddled plot, the game was criticized as being a repetitive slog, slashing through wave after wave of interchangeable enemies until the end. There were also critiques leveled at the game's length, which seemed to be artificially padded in some ways. Kotaku said, "The levels go on for twice as long as they need to, just repeating elements for no discernable reason except, perhaps, to turn a short game into a medium-length one."

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