The Most Overpowered Guns In 'Call Of Duty'

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The FAL OSW is a unique case in absolutely broken weapons in Call of Duty history. At the start of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, the FAL OSW was actually a pretty middling semi-automatic assault rifle that specialized in high damage output. The only thing truly holding it back from premier status within the game was a recoil pattern that was just difficult enough to work with that its accuracy, combined with a shorter two-shot-kill range, that made it just on the edge of competitive stardom.

Then, players clapped on the Select Fire attachment, an attachment that reduces recoil and makes the pattern much easier to discern, allowing for optimal crosshair placement even during combat. The FAL OSW, seemingly overnight, became a staple of competitive play, so much so that it began to threaten the competitive viability of the Black Ops 2 meta.

Understandably, Treyarch stepped in fairly quickly, nerfing the gun after it had threatened to make Black Ops 2 nearly unwatchable from a spectator standpoint. Leagues had already banned the weapon by the time Treyarch adjusted it, but for the brief moment in time that the FAL OSW reigned supreme over Call of Duty, it was a truly overpowered weapon that deserves its place in any discussion of the most powerful weapons in Call of Duty history.

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