The Most Shocking Post-Credits Scenes in Video Games

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  The Most Shocking Post-Credits Scenes in Video Games

A video game ending serves as a capstone to the entire experience but it’s not necessarily the last word. For decades, there have been post-credits scenes that either tease a continuation, provide an extra bit of intrigue to the story or offer up some shock value. Let’s take a look at the most shocking examples here. Spoilers abound so be warned.

Mass Effect 3

Amid all the controversy that Mass Effect 3’s endings caused, fans still wondered: Had Shepard survived or not? If you had a high enough Effective Military Strength in Extended Cut and went with the Destroy option, then the Earth would be saved, the Reapers eradicated and your squadmates would survive. Just when Shepard’s fate is sealed, a post-credits scene shows an N7 tag amidst some rubble. It slightly moves, hinting at the Commander’s survival.

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