The Most Uncomfortable Kisses In Video Games

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Chrono Trigger remains one of the most beloved games of all time, with fans having many reasons to sing its praise. However, there's one ending to the game that might leave fans slightly uncomfortable in its awkwardness.

Chrono Trigger has thirteen unique endingsbut one of them features a wedding, complete with kiss, between a frog and human. Officially titled "The Successor of Guardia," the wedding ending rewrites history and speculates what could happen if the aptly-named Frog felt confident enough to ask Queene Leene out. When gamers see the half-frog, half-human relatives of Marle, they'll know the answer.

Players get to see the wedding between Frog and Leene, including the sloppy, fly-eating kiss that in other parts of the game might be mistaken as a combat move. Though the context of the kiss might be sweet and optimistic, the kiss itself is gross. While this ending is supposed to be funny, it's still a little awkward.

Fans continuously long for another installment in the Chrono Trigger series, but they might be waiting forever. Thankfully, they can re-watch Frog's kiss repeatedly to reminisce about the weirder aspects of their favorite game.

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