The New Way Fall Guys Is Celebrating Your Gaming Victories

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The New Way Fall Guys Is Celebrating Your Gaming Victories

Mediatonic has revealed a slew of new details on Fall Guys Season 3 on the PlayStation Blog, including the all new Crown Ranks system that acts as a mean of celebrating the game’s most dedicated players.

According to the developer’s post, players will rise through the Crown Ranks the more Crowns you obtain, thus unlocking a series of ‘curious and highly desirable rewards.’ These include exclusive Colours and Patterns, which tell other players that your bean is Top Dog.

In addition, rising thorough the ranks also gives you access to Golden Costumes, described the ‘most prestigious addition yet’ to the Fall Guys wardrobe, reserved for those who truly excel at the game.

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With Season 3 dropping on December 15, our entire team is super excited about the fresh snowy stumbles we’ve put together. On top of our biggest haul of new Rounds to date, you can also look forward to experiencing a slew of devious new obstacles, dozens of game-changing variations and some of our most stylish (and if we’re honest, cutest) costumes to date.

Fall Guys was released on PS4 and PC back in August, and you can read our full review here.

[Source – PlayStation Blog]

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