The Nintendo Switch Can Do A Lot More Than You Thought

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In the old days, if you wanted to play a game that was exclusive to a specific region, you had to import the game from overseas. Now, thanks to the Switch, it's a lot easier. Just make a Nintendo account on the web for the region that you want to download games from, then create a new profile on your console. Set up the user profile like normal, then link that user to the international Nintendo account that you just created. 

When you open the eShop on that profile, you'll see foreign offerings instead of the boring old US ones. The eShop will use whatever language is native to the region your account is linked to. If you want to download Japanese games but don't know Japanese, you'll have to get by using images alone. PayPal is region-locked, and credit card companies sometimes charge extra fees for international purchases. 

Once the game is on your Switch, however, you're set. The Switch will try to play games in the console's default language, so if a Japanese title has an English option, that's what you'll see. Even better, every profile on your Switch can access every game. You only need to use that foreign profile to buy the games, not to play them.

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