The Pokémon battle that lasted eight hours and 1,287 turns

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  The Pokémon battle that lasted eight hours and 1,287 turns

A few days ago I came across a brutal video about Pokémon. It told the story of the most legendary duel that the competitive franchise has given, but not because of the spectacular nature of the combat itself, but because of the strategy what was behind

A fight featuring Pokemon like Zapdos, Mew or Registeel that, far from being resolved with an intense exchange of blows, closed after more than eight hours of encounter and a total of 1,287 shifts.

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The key behind such a surreal battle was in the strategy of both opponents, a manual “amarrategui” destined to ajplace causing the wear of the opponent and forcing him to, due to laziness and boredom, end up making a mistake that would turn the game around.

Explained in depth by Twitter user @Roltas01 days after publication, the battle also marked the beginning of the success of one of the great masters of competitive Pokémon, the end of one of the most toxic players that his community has seen and, of course, the hand of Nintendo to prevent something like this from happening again by reducing the turn limit to 1,000. Costa Amalfitana: un antiguo monasterio italiano se convierte en hotel 5 estrellas

If you are interested in planting yourself before such a disaster from start to finish you can do it through pokemon showdownwhere you can see turn by turn what happened and to what extent the strategy and knowing how to read the rival was key to ABR’s victory against idm tubby.

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