The PS5 App That Pops Up Unexpectedly On PS4

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Well, hello there.

PS5 Logo

It’s hard to believe, but this week is the week of the launch of Sony’s PS5 (well, next week is actually the week depending on your region, of course). Sony has more or less lifted the veil on most of the system, including some of its new features as well as features that PS4 players will be very familiar with. Speaking on the PS4, apparently something new and expected is popping up on them now.

As reported via VGC, a new PS5 remote play app has appeared on PS4s. It’s not clear if this is universal as of now or if it’s rolling out by region, but you can see the pictures they provide to see the app. This wasn’t expected or announced, and as of writing this no one has tested this just yet since it did come out of nowhere, but it should allow you to remotely play your PS5 through your PS4 via internet.

The PlayStation 5 launches November 12th in select regions and November 19th on a full worldwide rollout. The PS4, of course, is available now.

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