The Rarest Skins in 'Fall Guys'

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Bonk! Fall Guys references a Valve classic, Team Fortress 2, with this special outfit. If you want to relive your TF2 glory days through your Fall Guy, though, you'll need to have enough Crowns. This item first appeared on the Steam version of the Featured Item store on Aug. 13th, 2020, and the exclusive nature of Featured Item skins make them rarer than most of their counterparts. While all players have the same pool of Featured Items to buy at the same time, they only stick around for 72 hours, with no indication of their next appearance.

It's also worth noting that special skins — such as cameo costumes — cost 5 Crowns each per top and bottom, meaning that you have to win 10 times to afford the entire outfit. And you can't buy Crowns with real money, no matter how much money you try to throw at the screen.

The Scout costume is also a little more rare for PlayStation 4 players than it is for Steam players. While Steam players could buy the Scout costume during its September 2020 release, PS4 beans could get the Chilly blue mammoth outfit. Fortunately for PlayStation 4 players, Scout returned on both platforms between Oct. 3 and Oct. 5, 2020.

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