The Real Reason Mortal Kombat TV Shows Tanked

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Defenders of the Realm is interesting in how its characters depart from the game's portrayals — for good and for ill. Raiden is powerful, but snarky like in the film, even mocking the group at times. Sonya Blade is often rash, rushing into situations that get her teammates injured, and saddled with the show's catchphrase. We could all live without hearing her cry "Kombat time!" again.

Some backstories for newer characters are established, like the history between Rain and Kitana — but they are often confusing. One episode perpetuates the argument over whether Jax's arms are enhanced by metal and technology or completely cybernetic. Nightwolf is usually depicted as a shaman, but the show made him the group's tech guy, as well as partnering him up with a wolf who jumps into his chest to give him powers.

Strangely, characters resembling Reptile and Baraka show up as key villains, but with different names, as well as someone called Ruby who appears to be a mixture of Jade and Tanya. There are also a few entirely new fighters introduced. Defenders of the Realm is also notable for debuting Quan Chi. He isn't quite the all-powerful necromancer he would later be portrayed as, but it's good to see his humble beginnings.

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