The Reality Of Facebook Gaming Is Darker Than You Realize

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Facebook has built quite the empire since it launched way back in 2005. Despite the enormous amount of money it pulls in, however, and despite the fact that it boasts literally billions of users, some feel it's missing one thing on the streaming side: culture. With Twitch, you know what you're getting — a website where people play video games over a live video stream for others. Streamers know other streamers, and they regularly interact with one another. With Facebook, you're getting a whole lot of other stuff, and Facebook Gaming is somewhat lost in the mix.

On Reddit, one anonymous streamer who claimed they were offered a contract with Facebook Gaming put it like this: "There's no place where all streamers can get together and chit chat. There are various [F]acebook groups for content creators to discuss ideas and concepts, but even those feel 'weird.'" 

Facebook presumably wants a piece of the streaming arena Twitch currently dominates. If Facebook Gaming feels like a side project rather than a serious play at streaming, though, it'll continue to lack that streamer culture, won't be the first choice for talent, and thus won't see near the amount of success Twitch does.

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