The 'Runescape' Crimes That Led to Real Jail Time

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Compared to its contemporaries, RuneScape's never been a visual powerhouse. It was originally designed to run in a web browser, after all, and one of its biggest strengths is how accessible it is, even to players with a low-end gaming rig. That doesn't mean that it hasn't been updated over time, however. In fact, the current version of RuneScape is actually RuneScape 3 — or maybe even RuneScape 4, depending on what you count as a sequel.

RuneScape's first major update, dubbed RuneScape 2, started production in 2002 and launched in 2004 after a three month beta test. An entirely new engine paved the way for improvements like more detailed graphics, a revamped combat system, improved sound, and much, much more, and RuneScape 2 was quickly renamed RuneScape and replaced the original game. Really, the only thing that didn't change were players' stats. Despite RuneScape 2 being "new," Jagex decided to preserve players' progress. Destiny this ain't.

RuneScape 3 arrived in 2013, a full nine years after its predecessor, and brought with it better music, a streamlined user interface, and voice acting. However, RuneScape 3's signature feature, an HTML5-based game client, never made it out of beta. While the HTML5 version of RuneScape was supposed to make the game more accessible than ever, it was simply too slow to run the game properly. Jagex killed the project and started working on a new client, programmed in C++, instead. Jagex released the client, dubbed RuneScape NXT, in 2016. If you log in today, that's the version of the game that you'll be playing.

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