The Shady Side Of Amouranth

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 The Shady Side Of Amouranth

Like most streaming platforms, Twitch tries to moderate itself and maintain a squeaky-clean image. This means no abusive language, hateful content, or nudity. That intention is all well and good, but it only works when a company enforces the rules with a consistent (and iron) hand. You can’t play favorites.

Amouranth’s popularity skyrocketed after Twitch punished her for (unintentionally) breaking the no-nudity rule. While an unintended side effect, at least her fame came about because Twitch tried to enforce said rules, right? Well, some have argued that this punishment seemed half-hearted when compared to other streamers.

Take streamer Kiaraakitty, for instance. During a hot tub stream, one of Kiaraakitty’s guests had a bikini wardrobe malfunction. Bikinis and Twitch just don’t get along, do they? Instead of hitting Kiaraakitty with a regular three-day ban, Twitch decided to nuke her channel and slammed her with an indefinite one. It seems as though the company realized its mistake and quickly overturned its decision, but it briefly looked like Twitch was more than ready to lock Kiaraakitty out of streaming ever again because of something that wasn’t her fault.

According to outlets such as and GameRevolution, some viewers and fellow streamers feel Twitch is giving Amouranth preferential treatment.