The 'Skyrim' Dragons Aren't Actually Dragons

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Okay, so you've defeated Alduin the World-Eater and restored peace in Skyrim (at least a little). Now what do you do? Well, you could finish the dozens of quests you probably never actually got around to ... or you could go hunt down Skyrim's secret bosses! Hidden in the hard-to-find places around the map, there are a few monsters left to slay before your journey is over.

There's Vulthuryol, a powerful dragon that lives in a mystical cave below the Tower of Mzark called Blackreach. You pretty much have to stumble onto this dragon by accident in order to initiate the fight, which will be anything but easy.

The Reaper is basically what you think it is, Death itself come to collect your soul. The messed up part is that you have to summon him yourself by collecting three gem fragments and performing a ritual with the gem at the Reaper's Lair. So if you really want to fight the vomit-spewing creature, you're going to have to work for it, masochist.

Karstaag the Frost Giant is a callback to a character from Morrowind, who ruled Castle Karstaag. If you find his skull in Skyrim and place it back on his throne in the ruins of the old castle, you'll face off with the ghost of Karstaag, who is level 90 and will absolutely wreck you.

The aforementioned Ebony Warrior is likely the final hidden boss you'll encounter in the game. You already know the deal with him.

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