The Skywalker Saga Finally Gets A Gameplay Trailer

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  The Skywalker Saga Finally Gets A Gameplay Trailer

The gameplay looks pretty good, doesn’t it? The LEGO games have never been the most high tech outings, but this new game looks pretty spiffy. 

What these games tend to really excel at is being super addictive. There are so many hidden areas and collectible bricks and a bunch of that stuff is always inaccessible during the first playthrough, which rewards replaying all the levels you’ve already cleared because there’s always something more to hunt for.

It’s diabolical how good they are at holding the carrot in front of our noses. Thankfully they wrap this highly addictive gaming experience in fantastic storytelling. Whether it’s “Lord of the Rings,” “Harry Potter,” “Indiana Jones,” or “Star Wars” they manage to take something you love and know inside and out and make it a fresh experience.

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