The Stunning Transformation of 'Grand Theft Auto'

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While the first Grand Theft Auto game didn't make a huge impression on gamers or critics, the developers had confidence in their concept. BMG Interactive put out a standalone expansion, Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 in less than a year, and released a follow-up called Grand Theft Auto 2 in October 1999.

Grand Theft Auto 2, like the first GTA, received a mixed reaction from the gaming community. The graphics remained largely the same, utilizing the same 2D top-down approach. While there were some tweaks, such as a dusk mode and futuristic redesigns for some vehicles, many reviewers found it to be too similar to the original to make a difference.

Where Grand Theft Auto 2 improved upon its predecessor was in the world that the player and protagonist Claude Speed interacted with. Grand Theft Auto 2 made Anywhere City even less linear than the first game. Players received missions from rival factions, and relationships with those factions depended on the number of tasks performed for each group. The world reacted to player actions with a "Wanted" level system and more aggressive police responses to in-game crimes.

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