The Stunning Transformation Of Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins

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Fortnite allowed Ninja's fanbase to grow exponentially alongside the game's success. Since he had a built-in audience already when Fortnite grew in popularity, he was able to capitalize on his high viewership in Twitch's Fortnite directory. According to one of his former mods, Ninja had less than 1,000 subscribers in 2014. That number grew to 10,000 in December 2017, then 60,000 in February 2018, then 200,000 in March 2018.

Some viewers and streamers suspected Ninja's boost in fame was partially due to illegitimate methods. People who subscribed to Twitch Prime in early 2018 received free Fortnite cosmetics. This promotion encouraged third-party sellers to sell accounts with the cosmetics, resulting in plenty of bot accounts with Twitch Prime subscriptions. Since Twitch Prime gives the subscriber one free monthly subscription, many of Ninja's subs could have come from bots.

However, Twitch denied that bots contributed to Ninja's rise to fame. It stated to Polygon that it didn't see any signs of bot activity and credited his success to Fortnite's popularity.

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