The Truth About All Of Link's Girlfriends

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Princess Ruto is unlucky enough to end up in a relationship that is even worse than Link's usual standards, which are set so low it boggles the mind any woman could be disappointed by his behavior. Ruto is the Princess of the Zoras, a race of water-dwelling folk in Ocarina of Time, and another of the Seven Sages, which is apparently just a short list of people who'd really like to date Link.

Ruto is impressed by a young Link's courage, challenging Link to find her in a dungeon while the warrior slays monsters and bosses with ease. After acknowledging his prowess, Ruto offers Link the Zora's Sapphire, stating that whoever accepts it is pledged to be her husband. Link, in his infinite wisdom, somehow fails to understand the terms and accepts the stone anyway.

Fast forward seven years and Ruto, as the Sage of Water, scolds Link for making her wait so long to be married. In fact, he's waited just long enough that they can't be together, as she has Sage duties to attend to. Apparently, she may have had children at some point, but it seems unlikely Link was the father. If Link can't understand the basic principles of being engaged, it seems questionable that he'd know some of the more complex nuances of relationships.

Despite being led on by an apathetic Link, Ruto handles the engagement well. She's obviously much more mature — and intelligent — than our protagonist, and Link's lucky he didn't get himself in more trouble than he did. What a boyfriend!

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