The Truth About Gaming's Fastest Growing Streamer

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On Twitch, streamers usually make money through four main channels: donations, subscriptions, advertisements, and sponsorships. For smaller creators, getting paid largely depends on the number of viewers a streamer has and on the generosity of those tuning in. Some days you may not get a lot of donations or subscriptions, while you may get a massive payoff on other days. Luckily for Valkyrae, after only three years, she was able to pay off her mother's debt and help fund her childcare business.

After signing her contract with YouTube, Valkyrae revealed that a significant consideration for taking the deal was the payoff. More specifically, the money she would be earning would be used to continue to provide for her mother. "She's fully dependent on me, and we've been remodeling the house in the Philippines," Valkyrae said. "[W]e actually did remodel, finish remodeling the house in Washington, my hometown [...] [S]he's not cheap." 

Various sources give conflicting answers regarding Valkyrae's net worth, and the numbers range from $178,000 to $5 million. However, in one of her videos, Valkyrae Googles her net worth, and a source pops up stating that, as of March 5, 2020, she has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Though she ultimately neglects to comment, she does state that she makes enough to continue completely funding her mother, donating money, and living comfortably. With this in mind, it's pretty safe to assume the streamer won't be hurting for cash anytime soon.

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