The Truth Behind These Streamer Relationships

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TimTheTatman met his wife, Alexis, in high school, and they had been dating on and off ever since. After reconnecting out of high school, TimTheTatman proposed after just a few months of being back together. However, TimTheTatman's adoring audience didn't get officially introduced to Alexis until after he has already popped the question. He revealed his then-fiancee to his audience after she said yes, and his viewers were ecstatic to meet her.

After recounting their history, TimTheTatman casually said that their relationship "just felt right, you know? Just felt right, boys." This, of course, wasn't the only major life announcement he made live for all his fans.

During a stream on Twitch, he played a video his wife recorded where he opened his anniversary present. Inside was a baby shirt, and the perplexed streamer was soon overcome with joy to learn that his family would be gaining a new member. TimTheTatman not only married his high school sweetheart, but the two had a child together.

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