The Ultimate League of Legends Spellbook, or how one of its most acclaimed modes needs a twist to be perfect

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  The Ultimate League of Legends Spellbook, or how one of its most acclaimed modes needs a twist to be perfect

The temporary game modes of League of Legends are a good way to pass the time in different ways than usual thanks to their different proposals. Weeks ago I told you about some really good ones, like URF and ARURF, for which I keep my fingers crossed that one day they will become fixed and you won’t have to wait months to access them.

However, not all of them have managed to captivate me so much and without a doubt one of them has been the Ultimate Spellbook, the latest game mode that Riot Games devised and which premiered last year. Despite the fact that I have tried to give it several opportunities, it has not managed to convey to me that feeling that it is worth it above the rest.

Even so, I also have to say that all this is nothing more than a personal opinion, because those responsible for the popular MOBA have recognized on more than one occasion that this game mode has had an excellent reception and has become one of the most acclaimed, although in my opinion there are certain aspects that should be reviewed to make it perfect.

Two ultimate abilities for the price of one

Up to two times it has been part of the rotation of modes since it first debuted in July 2021. The last time was last November and it would not be surprising that sooner or later it returns to the fray, but what makes you so special and different from the rest? Well, basically the fact that, from a certain point of view, it is as if we had two champions in one.

To begin with, each of the two teams chooses the character they are going to play with, the one that each one prefers. Immediately afterwards, everyone is transferred to the Summoner’s Rift map, at which time each of the players must make a crucial decision that is one of the most influential during the course of the game: choose a second ultimate.

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All champions have their own, but in this mode we are given the option of choosing a second ultimate that will replace one of our support spells. We have exactly 30 seconds to choose one of the three abilities that will appear on the screen and that will be chosen randomly from a list of 59 possible ones, so not all of the ones in the game are there.

It is important to decide before the time runs out because otherwise one will be chosen at random and cannot be changed for the rest of the game. The good news is that can be started as soon as the first 135 seconds have elapsedso you don’t even need to wait until level 6 to unleash its potential, just as its potential will increase along with your primary ult as you level up.

A perfect or fateful combination

League Of Legends 02

As I have indicated, each of the players will be assigned three random abilities, which may be completely different from those of the rest of their teammates and opponents. And this is precisely one of the great drawbacks, its randomness factor, because it may happen that the balance is not balanced at all.

The choice of skills is a bit lame and not all are equally good or equally balanced. In turn, it may happen that the second ultimate that touches us is not the most appropriate or does not fit enough with our champion, so it can be of little use to have two if it can be of little use.

You just have to take a look at some of the following videos to give you an idea of the authentic barbarities that can be witnessed on the battlefield if you get a combination of ten:

Kennen’s ultimate ability is capable of producing a lightning storm and if we combine it with Yone’s to use it at a distance, it results in a real massacre. And it is not the only tremendously devastating combo, as the following demonstrates:

If you couple Rengar’s jump with Qiyana’s main ability, you can witness this carnage complete with Pentakill and all. On the other hand, you can also have combat as comical as this one in which a giant Zac, thanks to Cho’gath’s ability, becomes so huge that it occupies almost the entire screen.

In any case, these are just a few examples of what can be seen in this game mode, so it is clear that being lucky with the two ultimate skills can anticipate what will be the result of what will happen as the minutes pass.

It is precisely because of these details that the Ultimate Spellbook ends up not being totally to my liking, because it is difficult to achieve a perfect or decent combo and sometimes the opposite is more likely to be true. Of course, I am not sure what the appropriate solution would be so that these unfair situations would not take place.

Perhaps the skills to choose should be the same for both sides, reduce the list of candidates to be touched or expand the initial selection a little more as soon as the battle starts. Whatever it is, needs a twist to make it greatbecause the gameplay is really fun, but these kinds of circumstances are what spoil the experience.

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