The Uncharted Series: Ranked – GameSpew

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 The Uncharted Series: Ranked – GameSpew

Following its launch in 2007, the Uncharted series quickly became both a fan favourite and an industry benchmark.

Today, it’s one of the most-loved videogame series of all time. Pick up any of the Uncharted games and you know a third-person, globe-hopping, story-driven, action-filled romp is to be had every time.

Coming from Crash Bandicoot (and The Last of Us) developer, Naughty Dog, you know to expect best-in-class quality voice acting, graphical fidelity and attention to detail. Each game in the Uncharted series – now famed for high-stakes climbing, treasure hunting and cover-shooting – follows a reliable roadmap of locating a valuable or cursed treasure (or both), while simultaneously unravelling a mystery and thwarting a villain.

Having successfully established Uncharted as one of the biggest and best brands available for single-player experiences, a multiplayer mode was added alongside Uncharted 2 and this, too, quickly established a vast fanbase.

With a total of six games, including three sequels, a prequel and a spin-off, we’ve taken a quick look at each entry and put them in order, based on how good Sullivan’s moustache looks (just kidding. It’s always ten-out-of-ten).