The Untold Truth Behind Among Us

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Not every stream by a government entity needs to be filled with controversy. Take Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who took to Twitch in October 2020 to play Among Us alongside fellow Representative Ilhan Omar and a host of popular streamers like Pokimane, HasanAbi, Jacksepticeye and Dr. Lupo.

AOC streamed for nearly three and half hours, rooting out imposters and effortlessly chatting with audience members about a wide range of topics. She discussed the upcoming election and used her team of moderators well, directing viewers to information about voter registration and their polling places. However, the stream wasn't dominated by political discourse, and AOC set some records along the way.

Her stream was the most popular ever by a new streamer, with a maximum viewer count around 439,000 people. She also gained 600,000 followers over the course of the stream. Not bad for a newbie!

As of this writing, AOC has only streamed twice on Twitch. The second time she played Among Us on her stream, she was joined by a few other popular streamers, as well as Canadian politician Jagmeet Singh, who is the leader of the Canadian New Democratic Party. Keep your eyes peeled – it seems likely she'll be back at it again in the future.

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