The Untold Truth Of Hawkeye

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  The Untold Truth Of Hawkeye

As an ordinary human being who just happens to be handy with a bow, Clint doesn’t have the ability to fly, teleport, or create magical portals. For Avengers missions that require long-distance travel, he finds himself either riding the Quinjet with his teammates or journeying via conventional means of transportation (or in some cases, on foot). Over the years, however, the marksman has had access to some pretty sweet rides, like a rocket-powered aerial sled and an AI-equipped van with a humanoid combat mode.

The Sky-Cycle is perhaps the vehicle most associated with Hawkeye. The brainchild of Cross Technological Enterprises mechanic Jorge Latham, the anti-gravitational bike debuts in “Hawkeye” vol. 1 #1 as the archer’s personal ride. Hawkeye takes quite a liking to the Sky-Cycle, especially since it allows him to pilot it handsfree (making it possible for him to ride and shoot arrows simultaneously).

Meanwhile, the vehicle that Clint himself christened “Vantastic” first demonstrates its full range of capabilities in 2017’s “Occupy Avengers” vol. 1 #7. When a fight between Skrull refugees and bounty hunters breaks out in Dungston, Iowa, the van’s A.I. operating system kicks in, and it transforms into a powerful, bipedal robot that makes short work of the Skrulls. Aside from its alternate mode, Vantastic also boasts a “spatial modulation field” (meaning it’s actually bigger inside than it looks outside), as well as the ability to keep itself running via a self-generated power source.

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