The Untold Truth Of Marvel’s Deathbird

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 The Untold Truth Of Marvel’s Deathbird

Deathbird’s had plenty of relationships with superpowered buff dudes, but she’s only been married once. As was once the case with her younger sister Lilandra, the union briefly turns her into a member of a prominent family among Earth’s mutants. 

In X-Men #23 (1993), Mr. Sinister lets it slip that Scott and Alex are not the only two Summers brothers out there, as had been previously assumed. Throughout the ’90s, readers speculated about the identity of the third, secret Summers. Maybe he was Gambit? Or Adam X? Or even Apocalypse?!

Then, in X-Men: Deadly Genesis (2006), fans found out it was Vulcan, a complete evil maniac. One thing leads to another, and pretty soon, Vulcan winds up marrying Deathbird and conquering the Shi’ar Empire, as is documented in Uncanny X-Men #485. Later, he’s apparently killed in a battle against Black Bolt. But as of the last time we saw him in X-Men #10 (2020), he’s living on the moon with the rest of the Summers bunch, having apparently buried whatever hatchet there was between himself and Cyclops.


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