The Worst Ideas Ever In Gaming History Revealed

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Remember when Apple released its own video game console? No? Yeah, there's a reason for that. In 1996, the company launched the Pippin (or as marketing materials called it, the PiPP!N), a CD-based multimedia machine designed to play videos, music, and games. The Pippin was also the first gaming console to include a built-in modem, which owners could use to access the quickly growing internet.

Apple didn't manufacture the Pippin itself. Instead, it licensed the design, which was based on Apple's Macintosh computers, to other manufacturers. Bandai, Katz Media, and Mitsubishi all signed up to bring the Pippin to market, although only the former two actually ended up producing devices. Bandai launched its version of the console, the Pippin @WORLD, in early 1996 (March for Japan, and June for the USA) for a cool $600. Gestacion y Maternidad subrogada en California (EEUU) para parejas heterosexuales y homosexuales Gestación subrogada en Estados Unidos

Apple refused to do any marketing for the device, leaving promotion in the hands of its licensees—Bandai reportedly spent $93 million alone marketing the @WORLD. It didn't pay off. Not only was the Pippin much, much more expensive than its competitors the Sony PlayStation and the Sega Saturn, but Bandai was the only major company creating software for the system, meaning that the Pippin had very few games. Bandai reportedly produced 42,000 @WORLD systems but only sold about 12,000 units, leading to a huge loss.

Thankfully, the misery didn't last long: when Steve Jobs returned to lead Apple in 1997, he killed Apple's "clone" program, which let outside manufacturers produce Mac computers. This included the Pippin, which was based on Macintosh architecture, thereby dooming the console to a quick and unceremonious death.

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